0.5 Micron PFAS Filter Replacement
PFAS Filter Replacement

PFAS Filter Replacement

Our PFAS filter reduces PFAS/PFOS, sediment, taste, and odor, and Specially designed to reduce "Forever Chemicals" also known as microplastics from water in the PFAS group of synthetic compounds, below the EPA recommended level of 70 parts per trillion.

Providing a clean, clear drinking water throughout the entire house.

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Ren Water's high-performance filters are perfect to combat unwanted particles and contaminants in your water supply. Designed to ensure the purity and clarity of your water, our filtration technology are essential to providing you and your family clean, filtered water.
Filter replacement


Here at Ren Water we ensure all our systems are easy to maintain. We recommend replacing your filters annually.

NOTE: Please verify that this filter is compatible with the system you purchased

Replacing filter cartridges
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