Enjoy the benefits of a water softener without salt with REN Water's Premium Whole House Water Filtration System. This salt-free system is engineered to remove sediments, and reduce scale buildup, Chlorine, Tastes, and Odors. No need for salt bag replacements every month or continuously adjusting valves for soft water. Simply install and the salt-free conditioner will do all the work!

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2 products

Chlorine Reduction

Uses a 5-micron activated carbon filter to reduce chlorine, improving taste and odor for better-tasting and healthier water.

Sediment With Scale Protection

Filters out rust, dirt, and sand down to 5 microns while using salt-free scale protection technology to remove limescale buildup, ensuring cleaner water and protecting against hard water.


Prevents limescale buildup without salt, preserving plumbing and appliances from hard water damage.