Complete the sample bottle in the testing kit we send you, seal it, and return it with the prepaid packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Know your system

Our team is ready to help. Give us a call or shoot an email with this form for a free consultation. Our experts can guide you to selecting the system which fits your needs.

We recommended purchasing one of our water test kits and testing your water at certified water testing location near you. Since the magnesium and calcium stays inside your water with a salt-free filter a water test will not gauge the systems effectiveness. Instead inspect your faucets and plumbing to see the benefits.

REN Water's Modern Filtration Solutions are designed to provide you with clean, pure water without water pressure drops, complex maintenance, and visually appealing systems.

All our systems are engineered to handle houses with up 15 GPM (Gallons Per Minute). This is perfect for residential applications as the average water usage is 6-12 GPM (Gallons Per Minute).

This Activated Carbon filtration system works by removing contaminants in a two-stage process. First our 5-Micron Sediment filter removes all kinds of debris all the way down to 5-microns. This pre-filter allows our next stage filter to work as efficient as possible. Second, our Activated Carbon filter works efficiently at removing chlorine, tastes, and odors.

Absolutely! With your system you will receive all the necessary installation equipment such as 1" NPT fittings and mounting hardware for the bracket.

There is no maintenance required for our systems. We don't require preset backwashing times, or any drainage setup with our systems. We don't require you to wait 48 hours for media to soak when install or replace media.

Once a year take 10 minutes out of your day and replace the filter cartridge. No plumber needed!

*We recommend signing up and saving 10% with our Auto-Ship program.

All of REN Water's products are designed to be an easy, simple DIY installation. Take a look at our installation guides/videos to see it step by step. However, should you choose to bring a plumber we totally understand!

UV Protection

Our UV Purification system works by using ultraviolet light to disinfect and sterilize any pathogens, or bacteria present in your water supply. The lamp emits strong rays of ultraviolet light into the incoming water. Any incoming bacteria that encounters this light will be neutralized.

No, you will not be exposed to the UV light because we've had it designed to be fully enclosed with a sleeve and then a steel incasing so even being near the system is harmless.

Absolutely! We recommend any customer who wants to upgrade their filtration system to purchase our UV. It can be attached to your existing system any time.

General Faqs

No problem, our systems are easy to uninstall and easy to install. Simply, disconnect your water and remove the connections and re-install your system in to your new home!

For all orders placed above $99.00, shipping is free of charge within the continental United States.

Any orders placed before 4PM EST will be shipped out same day.

*Policy excludes HI, and AK.

Absolutely, city water contains high amounts of chlorine. Legally, water treatment centers must use chlorine to disinfect the water before it reaches your home. REN Water's Carbon filter will remove odors, tastes, and reduce chlorine from your water. We highly recommend adding filters to your home to protect your family and your valuable possessions.